Celebrating success

On Thursday 22 July we held our very own awards ceremony.

Awards were based on the five key behaviours we expect all members of our academy to demonstrate.

  • Striving to be the best
  • Celebration
  • Curiosity
  • Taking care
  • Perseverance

Our winners

Bracken Lane Award

For demonstrating all five Bracken Lane behaviours during his time at the academy.

Zach, year 6

Individual Behaviour Awards

Striving to be the Best Award  – Jacob, year 6

Celebration Award – Georgia , reception

Curiosity Award – Ozzy, year 2

Taking Care Award – Lyla, year 5

Perseverance Award  – Edward, year 4

Well done to all our winners, we are so very proud of how you have all demonstrated our behaviours this year, despite the challenges we have all faced.