At Bracken Lane Primary Academy, we expect the highest levels of attendance possible to ensure pupils continue to progress and enjoy their education. Our aim is to have all students achieve a minimum of 97% attendance and ultimately aim for 100% attendance and punctuality.

The information below should help parents/carers to support their children to ensure we achieve the highest possible attendance levels.

Parental requirements

All parents/carers of Bracken Lane pupils should:

  • ensure that they are fully aware of the academy’s attendance policy
  • have children in class by 8.50am
  • inform the academy of any absence and keep us up to date of any prolonged absence
  • inform us of leave as far in advance as possible
  • make applications for leave in writing on the academy’s leave of absence form, giving the reason for the request
  • avoid medical and dental appointments during the academy day
  • not take holidays in academy term time

Some simple tips that can help with punctuality include:

  • establishing a good bedtime routine
  • making sure children go to bed to sleep and not be distracted by TVs or computer games
  • setting an alarm clock
  • allowing plenty of time to get to the academy in a morning
  • making arrangements with family or friends to help or share the responsibility, especially if you have more than one school to go to
  • talk to the your child’s teacher if you have problems getting your child to the academy on time


In line with government legislation, Academy leads are unable to authorise leave for holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • Parents will be informed within seven academy days as to whether the request has been authorised or unauthorised
  • There are approximately 190 academy days (380 sessions) a year which your child is expected to attend

In line with guidance provided by Nottinghamshire, a referral for a penalty notice could be made in the following circumstances:

  • more than three days unauthorised absence over a six week period
  • more than three days unauthorised absence where this is for the purpose of a holiday in term time
  • where parents fail to ensure that their child attends regularly even though support has been provided by the academy
  • where there is a repeated pattern of unauthorised absence leading to attendance below 95%
  • where a child is persistently late for 10 separate instances over a period of six academy weeks and where these are signified as a “U” in the attendance register

You can find the application for leave of absence during term time on Weduc/Reach More Parents (find out more about Weduc here).

The academy’s policy on attendance is regulated by Diverse Academies policies, and is aligned with Nottinghamshire County Council’s guidelines. To understand these guidelines further, please click here.