We try hard at Bracken Lane to do more than merely instruct children. We try to create a caring community, an extension of the family, where both care and discipline are needed if a child is to grow up into being a valued member of society.

Through this personal development a child will establish positive attitudes towards acceptable and appropriate behaviour in terms of awareness of the need for self-discipline, self-respect, honesty, fairness, politeness and consideration and concern for others.

We focus on using the language of choice with children as the main vehicle for approaching any issues around behaviour. Successful development of positive attitudes is thought to come through a whole school ethos which ensures:

  • a shared set of understandings
  • a framework for consistent approach
  • staff and children with clear understanding of expectations
  • framework to locate and consider individual responses and reduce the sense of isolation of individual staff and children
  • a context for supporting the individual staff and children
  • a flexible view of short, medium and long term approaches

Children learn how to behave by observing the good example of adults in the academy. They learn how to respond to others by following the example set by all the staff in the ways they respond to each other, to parents and to children.

At Bracken Lane the children are encouraged to see the need for self-discipline and to be aware of the effect of their actions upon other members of the school community. To this effect, the children and all staff are involved in the implementation and annual review of the academy code of conduct. Copies of this are given out as part of the admissions process, and it is displayed in each classroom and in the central areas around our building.

Our code of conduct

  • We will listen carefully and work hard
  • We will always try our best
  • We will be kind and friendly to everyone we meet
  • We will look after our school, each other and people’s belongings
  • We will walk quietly and sensibly around school